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1 IST2008_793 Adaptive TCP for Diverse Wireless Interefering and Impaired Channel Cracteristics During VHO for Global Seamless Mobility
2 IST2008_802 A Forecasting Method of DGPS Corrections based on Radial Basis Probabilistic Neural Network
3 IST2008_814 Performance Enhancement for TCP Vegas in Slow Start Phase over a Satellite link
4 IST2008_832 Extension of Adaptive Protocol for Authentication and Key Agreement
5 IST2008_841 Relative Encryption Overhead in 802.11g Network
6 IST2008_844 Cyclostationarity-Based Cooperative Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radio Networks
7 IST2008_847 Opportunistic Communications in Multi-Rate CDMA systems for Cell Capacity Improvement using Cognitive Radio
8 IST2008_853 A Web Services-based System for Wireless Personal Area Network
9 IST2008_862 A Comparison of Rerouting Methods in Military Networks Based on Swarm ?Topology
10 IST2008_868 Optimizing a new fractal slot antenna by use of interpolation technique
11 IST2008_889 Design and Implementation of a Fast VOQ Scheduler for a Switch Fabric
12 IST2008_892 Quantum State Swapping in Optical Quantum Communication Using Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
13 IST2008_922 Periodic Data Collection in Wireless Sensor Networks
14 IST2008_937 Photonic Microwave Bandpass Filter with Negative Coefficient Based on an Optical Phase Modulator and an Optical Polarizer
15 IST2008_943 Modified Sphere Detection Algorithm with Decreased Bit Error Rate and Lower Complexity
16 IST2008_952 An Efficient Scheduling Scheme for Heterogeneous Traffic in IEEE 802.16 Wireless Metropolitan Area Networks
17 IST2008_955 Characterization of Wireless Mesh Backhaul Networks with MIMO Systems
18 IST2008_973 A Novel Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks Using Irregular Cellular Learning Automata
19 IST2008_976 Comparison of Telecommunication Service Providers' Pricing Strategies for Packet Based Services
20 IST2008_982 Virtual Topology Reconfiguration of WDM Optical Networks using Fuzzy Method
21 IST2008_994 A New Ant Algorithm Based Vehicle Navigation System: A Wireless Networking Approach
22 IST2008_1000 On Automatic Threshold Selection in Regression Method for Change Detection in Remotely Sensed Images
23 IST2008_1003 Enhanced Performance Zero Crossing DPLL With Linearized Phase Detector
24 IST2008_1009 Bit-Interleaved Coded OFDM Detection Based on QR Decomposition
25 IST2008_1012 V-BLAST detection based on Householder Transformation
26 IST2008_1030 A Reliable Transport Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
27 IST2008_1033 The Supertree of the Compact Codes
28 IST2008_1036 BER Analysis of a Downlink MIMO WCDMA System Using Antenna Selection in Transmitter and MRC plus LDD in Receiver over Correlated Nakagami-Fading Channels
29 IST2008_1039 A New Clustering Protocol For Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
30 IST2008_1063 Re-registration Delay Reduction in IMS by reducing interaction between I-CSCF and HSS
31 IST2008_1087 Low SNR Regime Capacity Analysis of MIMO Systems Using Directional Antennas
32 IST2008_1093 A New Eigenspace Subband Beamformer for Cancellation of Broadband Interferences Using Subband Adaptive Filtering
33 IST2008_1096 A New Empirical-Physical Method for Calculation of Path Loss for Fixed Wireless Access in Suburban Areas
34 IST2008_1105 CFL: A Clustering Algorithm For Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks
35 IST2008_1129 Cooperative Mobile Positioning based on Recieved Signal Strength
36 IST2008_1147 Steganalysis of LSB-Matching Steganography Using Images with Least Significant Bit planes
37 IST2008_1153 Three-Dimensional Finite-difference time-domain Analysis of Nonlinear Self-focusing in Air
39 IST2008_1165 Detecting License Plate using Texture and Color information
40 IST2008_1171 Combining PSO and k-means to Enhance Data Clustering
41 IST2008_1189 Design and Fabrication of a DVB-RCS Tester Platform in Ka-band
42 IST2008_1198 Invariant Texture-Based Image Analysis and Retrieval
43 IST2008_1210 Energy Efficient and Congestion Aware Routing Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks Connected as Hypercube
44 IST2008_1246 Design, Simulation, and Fabrication of Tapered Microstrip Filters by Applying the Method of Small Reflections
45 IST2008_1255 Two Layer Secure Network Coding - (2-LSNC)
46 IST2008_1273 A Quality Preserving Exact Histogram Specification
47 IST2008_1276 TED: A texture-edge descriptor based on LBP for pedestrian detection
48 IST2008_1279 A fuzzy approach for multi-feature pedestrian tracking with particle filter
49 IST2008_1285 Unsaturated MLP Neural Networks Training Algorithm using a Piecewise Error Function and Adaptive Learning Rates
51 IST2008_1324 UWB Stacked Slotted Square Loop Resonator Filter
52 IST2008_1351 BER Analysis of ML-Detected One-Receive-Antenna V-BLAST Systems
53 IST2008_1354 Packet Information Collection and Transformation for Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention
54 IST2008_1420 Integrated two-channel add/drop filter using 2-D photonic crystal in azo polymers
55 IST2008_1429 Boosting Incremental Nelder-Mead Simplex for Distributed Regression over Wireless Sensor Networks
56 IST2008_1444 Designing an Illumination Effect Canceling Filter in Facial Images for Multi-View Face Detection and Recognition in Images with Complex Background
57 IST2008_1456 Discovery of SIP/DRIP Approach in Distributed Inter Process Communications
58 IST2008_1471 XPM and SPM Response of a Chirped DFB-SOA All-Optical Flip-Flop
59 IST2008_1480 Energy Efficient Localization in Wireless Ad-hoc Sensor Networks Using Probabilistic Neural Network and Independent Component Analysis
60 IST2008_1486 A Location-Based Clustering Algorithm for Data Gathering in 3D Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks
61 IST2008_1498 LSB Data Hiding Detection Based on Gray Level Co-Occurrence Matrix (GLCM)
62 IST2008_1507 A modified very fast simulated annealing algorithm
63 IST2008_1525 Speech Enhancement using Hybrid Generalized Sidelobe Canceller and Spectral Estimator
64 IST2008_1531 Speech Enhancement Using a Kalman Based Normalized LMS Algorithm
65 IST2008_1564 A Modified Wavelet-domain Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Stereophonic Acoustic Echo Cancellation in the Teleconferencing Application
66 IST2008_1579 Dynamic Intermediate Node Algorithm (DINA); A Novel Fault Tolerance Routing Methodology for NoC’s
67 IST2008_1588 Distributed Algorithm for Connected Dominating Sets in Wireless Sensor Networks with Different Transmission Ranges
68 IST2008_1606 A New IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) Architecture
69 IST2008_1618 A cooperative single target tracking algorithm using binary sensor networks
70 IST2008_1645 A Novel Planar UWB Antenna with WLAN Band Rejected Capability
71 IST2008_1672 Using Fuzzy Set Theory to Improve Appearance-based Sign Language Recognition
72 IST2008_1690 An Analytical Closed-form Expression for The Ergodic Capacity of Rayleigh Fading MIMO Channels and Optimal Antenna allocation
73 IST2008_1699 Reduced Complexity Embedded 3-D Wavelet Video Coding
74 IST2008_1714 Algorithms of Channel SVD Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Systems: Evaluation and Comparison
75 IST2008_1726 Network Design and Interconnection Pricing in a Heterogeneous Terrain
76 IST2008_1771 A Novel Secret Sharing Scheme from Audio Perspective
77 IST2008_1774 Affects of SP-Pictures on Bitstream Switching through Monotonically Decreasing Rate Schedulers for Streaming of H.264/AVC coded Video
78 IST2008_1777 MPEG-2 Standard System: A New Blind Watermarking Approach Using Spread Spectrum Method
79 IST2008_1846 Compact and Broadband Circular Polarized Microstrip Antenna with Wideband Axial-Ratio Bandwidth
80 IST2008_1891 MA-DSR; Multi Agent based Adaptive DSR Protocol with Intelligent Behavior in Realistic Environments
81 IST2008_1915 Modeling of Conical Dielectric Resonator by Simulation at 10 GHz and Comparing with the Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator
82 IST2008_1948 A Novel Approach for Providing QoS with Network Coding
83 IST2008_1996 Transmit Covariance for Spatially-Correlated Multiple-Antenna Ricean Fading Channels with Channel Distribution Side Information at Transmitter
84 IST2008_2026 Characterization of Ultra Wideband Temporal Dispersion Parameters in Indoor Laboratory Environments
85 IST2008_2029 Best Known PSLs for Binary Sequences from Bit Length 71 through 100
87 IST2008_2068 Time Reversal Technique for Ultra Wideband (TR-UWB) Communication Systems and Its Performance Analysis
88 IST2008_2086 Low Complexity MMSE Based Channel Estimator for the IEEE802.16d WMAN Standard
89 IST2008_2110 Combination of Turbo Coding And Cryptography in NONGEO Satellite Communication Systems
90 IST2008_2116 Optimum Mixture Estimator for single-channel Speech Separation
91 IST2008_2119 Single-channel Music/Speech Separation Using Non-linear Masks
92 IST2008_2140 Design and Simulation of a Dual-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber for Dispersion Compensation over E to L Wavelength Band
93 IST2008_2146 M-ary Frequency Shifted Reference for Ultra-wideband communication systems
94 IST2008_2155 Characterization of the Impact of Power Control on the MIMO Mutual Information
95 IST2008_2176 Enhanced Object Tracking with Received Signal Strength using Kalman Filter in Sensor Networks
96 IST2008_2182 The calculation of equations to design a proposed Photonic Bandgap structure
97 IST2008_2281 A New Probabilistic View to The Visual Secret Sharing
98 IST2008_2320 Novel Approach to Ultra-Wideband Antenna Design
99 IST2008_2326 Stereo Pair Color Correction Based On RBFNNs
100 IST2008_2329 Multi-Service Path Switching in All-Optical GMPLS Core Network
101 IST2008_2335 Design and Implementation of a SDR-based Digital Filter for Multi-channel Systems
102 IST2008_2341 Array Pattern Synthesis with Mutual Coupling Consideration
103 IST2008_2344 Improvement of Extended Kalman Filter Frequency Tracker for Nonstationary Harmonic Signals
104 IST2008_2353 A Novel Primary User Detection Method for Multiple-Antenna Cognitive Radios
105 IST2008_2359 On Convergence of Iterative Request-Grant Matching Algorithms in Packet Switches
106 IST2008_2368 An ACO-Based Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Network
107 IST2008_2371 Separation of Speech Sources in Under-determined Case using SCA and Time-Frequency Methods
108 IST2008_2383 Dynamically Improve Throughput and Minimize End-to-End Delay in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
109 IST2008_2389 A Modified Two-Ring Reference Model for MIMO Mobile-to-Mobile Communication Channels
110 IST2008_2395 Jamming Resistance Capabilities of the Spectrally Phase Encoded OCDMA Systems
111 IST2008_2398 Code-Shifted Reference for Internally Coded Time Hopping UWB Communication System
112 IST2008_2401 A routing metric for load balancing considering energy and delay Constraints in wireless sensor networks
113 IST2008_2404 Adaptive Routing Protocols for Vehicular Ad hoc Networks
114 IST2008_2410 The Troposphere Refractivity Slope Determination from Propagation Loss Using Artificial Neural Networks
115 IST2008_2437 A queue-based analysis for Denial of Service attacks on Voice over IP proxies
116 IST2008_2440 Low Cost Concurrent Error Detection for Lattice Wave Digital Filters
117 IST2008_2443 Design Flow for Hardware Implementation of Digital Filters
118 IST2008_2455 A Novel Flow Control Scheme for Best Effort Traffics in Network-on-Chip Based on Weighted Max-Min-Fairness
119 IST2008_2458 A Fuzzy Energy-based Extension to AODV Routing
120 IST2008_2491 Automatic Transcription of Music Signal Using Harmonic Elimination Method
121 IST2008_2494 Face Virtual Pose Generation using Multi Resolution Subspaces
122 IST2008_2506 Performance Analysis of Optical CDMA Systems Using APD for two types of receiver structures in the Presence of Interference and Receiver Noise
123 IST2008_2509 Robust Congestion Controller for Differentiated Services Network with Uncertain Time-Variant Delays: LMI Approach
124 IST2008_2518 Blind Separation of reflections from a single image using Basis Vectors of ICA
125 IST2008_2521 A Comparasion Of Maximum Likelihood Frequency Offset Estimation Methods For OFDM Systems
126 IST2008_2530 Some Enhanced Cache Replacement policies for reducing power in wireless systems
127 IST2008_2536 An Efficient Language Model Look-Ahead Technique for LVCSR
128 IST2008_2542 Effects of Security Solutions on Worm Propagation
129 IST2008_2548 GLR Approach for MIMO Radar Signal Sampling in Unknown Clutter Parameter
130 IST2008_2554 Design and Implementation of a Flexible 4×4 MIMO Testbed
131 IST2008_2569 New Algorithms for Online Unit Clustering
132 IST2008_2581 Dual Polarized Microstrip Patch Array Antenna
133 IST2008_2587 A Hierarchical Scheduling and Replication Strategy
134 IST2008_2590 All-IP Network Video Streaming through Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Congestion Control
135 IST2008_2593 Frequency Modulation Sound Parameter Identification Using Novel Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms
136 IST2008_2608 Improving TCP Performance Over Wireless Networks
137 IST2008_2611 Topology Design of Metro Ethernet Networks Based on Load Balance Criterion
138 IST2008_2617 Hardware Implementation of a 802.11n MIMO OFDM Transceiver
139 IST2008_2623 Sensing Range Modification of Spatial Split Algorithm for High Speed Target Tracking in WSN
140 IST2008_2629 Geometrical Routing in Presence of the Loss in Wireless Sensor Networks
141 IST2008_2641 Speech Recognizer-Based Non-Uniform Spectral Compression for Robust ?MFCC Feature Extraction
142 IST2008_2650 Moving Object Removal in Video Sequence and Background Restoration Using Kalman Filter
143 IST2008_2665 Development of Unscented Kalman Filter Algorithm for 3-D Point Based Rigid Registration
144 IST2008_2668 Hyperspectral Classification Using Markov Random Field and “Spatial probability Density Function“
145 IST2008_2671 A 35 GHz Wide Tuning Range VCO in a 65nm Technology
146 IST2008_2674 A fast method for mismatch detection in the model-based detector using Condition Number
147 IST2008_2677 Fuzzy Rate Control in Wireless Sensor Networks for Mitigating Congestion
148 IST2008_2686 Improving the Retrieval Performance of Local Context Analysis on Farsi Documents
149 IST2008_2689 Robust Voice conversion systems using MFDWC
150 IST2008_2695 Three- Dimensional Finite-difference time-domain Analysis of Gas Ionization
151 IST2008_2698 Differential Distinguishing attack on the Shannon Stream Cipher Based on Fault Analysis
152 IST2008_2710 Modeling and Simulation of Mobile Communication System based on GMSK modulation Scheme
153 IST2008_2728 Interference Cancelation in Coherent CDMA Systems Using Parallel Iterative Algorithms
154 IST2008_2734 Speech Enhancement Using Combinational Adaptive Filtering
155 IST2008_2737 Automatic Confidence Measure Extraction for SVM Outputs Using Neural Network
156 IST2008_2749 A Reconfigurable Hybrid Hardware/Software Architecture for EFM/Ethernet
157 IST2008_2755 A Novel QCA Multiplexer Design
158 IST2008_2761 Solving Occlusion Problem in 3D Human Motion Reconstruction
159 IST2008_2767 Cyclic-Leveled Probabilistic Data Processing in Autonomous Wireless Sensor Networks: A Fuzzy Petri Net Modeling Approach
160 IST2008_2770 Human Hand Gesture Recognition Using Spatio-Temporal Volumes for Human-computer Interaction
161 IST2008_2773 A Joint Channel-Aware and Queue-Aware Scheduling in OFDM Networks
162 IST2008_2782 Optimum Design of Viterbi Decoder for High Speed Data Telecommunication Receivers with 802.16a Case Study
163 IST2008_2788 Optimum Allocation Of Energy And Location for Cooperative Networks with Differential Modulation
164 IST2008_2794 Minimum Power Intelligent Routing In Wireless Sensors Networks Using Self Organizing Neural Networks
165 IST2008_2797 Power allocation in an amplify-and-forward cooperative network for outage probability minimization
166 IST2008_2803 Channel Equalization Using Error Whitening Criteria (EWC)
167 IST2008_2806 Noise Reduction from Speech Signal based on Wavelet Transform Kullback-Leibler Divergence
168 IST2008_2812 Quantization Based Audio Watermarking in a New Transform Domain
169 IST2008_2815 Blockage mitigation in adaptive rate land mobile satellite links using cooperative ARQ
170 IST2008_2818 Reducing the Effects of Small Sample Size in DCT Domain for Face Recognition
171 IST2008_2821 A Novel Still Image Error Concealment Using Fragile Watermarking in Wireless Image Transmission and Packet-Switched Networks
172 IST2008_2827 An Analytical Model for Evaluation of Wireless Mesh Networks
173 IST2008_2830 Incremental Redundancy Cooperative Coding using Complementary Punctured Convolutional Codes with Receive Diversity in Nakagami Fading Environments
174 IST2008_2833 Local Reconstruction of Virtual Backbone to Support Mobility in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
175 IST2008_2836 Securing Wireless Sensor Networks against Broadcast Attacks
177 IST2008_2851 Triangulation of Dynamic Bayesian Networks for Isolated Digit Recognition
178 IST2008_2854 Speech Acts Classification of Farsi Texts
179 IST2008_2857 A Neural Network based local SNR estimation for estimating spectral masks
180 IST2008_2866 DXFCV

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