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 ::  To All IST2008 Authors,

As you are already aware, IST2008 papers are intended to be added to the IEEEXplore database subject to compliance with the IEEE requirements. Therefore, we attract your kind attention to the following procedure and request your collaboration in formatting your paper(s) accordingly. By the way a reply by one the authors is enough:

  • STEP 1: Important Dates
    -  At least one author per paper must pay the registration fee by August 27, 2008. Failure to register will result in your paper being removed from the indexing procedure.

    -  Your final paper(s) must be formatted according to the IEEE Template for Conferences and the corresponding PDF files be sent to by September 11, 2008. Instructions for this purpose are available from the PDF eXpress site as explained below which is open until August 25, 2008. After this date the site will be closed.

    -  Fill the IEEE Copyright Release Form for each paper and send it together with the related complied PDF file by September 11, 2008 to , or hand it over to the Session Chairman at the time of the conference.

    -  Fill the IST2008 Commitment Form for each paper, available from the IST2008 website, and submit it before the closing date of the conference. Your paper should have not been accepted or published by another conference or technical journal.

  • STEP 2: Formatting Your Paper

    Your paper must be formatted in accordance with IEEE specifications. Please follow the Instructions for the Preparation of Compatible Conference Publication PDF Submissions available on the portal.

  • STEP 3: PDF eXpress

    To check IEEE Xplore compliancy, you must use IEEE PDF eXpress. Follow the Instructions given there in to open an account and proceed as follows before it closes on August 25, 2008:

    -  Open an account and enter the Conference ID: iste08x, your email address and choose a password. Continue to enter information as prompted. You will receive an email confirming the successful creation of your account.

    -  Upload either your source file or PDF file for Conversion and/or PDF Checking.

    -  You will have the opportunity to revise your submission if you are not satisfied with the PDF that PDF eXpress creates for you, or if the system finds problems with your paper, or if your PDF fails the PDF Check.

    -  If there is a problem with your file, you will receive an e-mail detailing the problem(s). Otherwise, the system will e-mail you a copy of your IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file.

    -  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IEEE PDF help desk at . If you have technical questions regarding PDF eXpress website, please contact the PDF eXpress support staff at .

  • STEP 4: Renaming Your PDF File and Submission to IST2008

    Once your paper has been converted into an IEEE Xplore-compatible PDF file, you will need to rename your file for final submission to IST2008 via as follows:
    IST2008_xxxx.surname of first author. PDF
    for example, IST2008_0814.servati. PDF. There is no differentiation between oral and poster papers.

  • STEP 5: Submitting a Signed Copyright Release Form

    Please fill out and sign the IEEE Copyright Release Form (in PDF format or scanned image) and send it to before September 11, 2008 or hand it over to the Session Chairman at the time of the conference. You will need to include:
    -  Paper's full title & ist2008 code

    -  Names of all authors

    -  Conference title: Fourth International Symposium on Telecommunication (IST2008)

    -  Signature (on appropriate line)

  • STEP 6: Abstract File Submission to IST2008

    Send the abstract of your paper (in doc format or LaTex) to mentioning the relevant paper ID Code.

  • Finally,

    If you have any enquiries about the above-described procedure, please contact:

       Miss Marjan Goodarzi,
       Tel:   +98 21 8497247
       Fax:  +98 21 88009885

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